BARPROJECT ACADEMY srl was founded in Italy in 2008. Ever since we deal with the culture of drinking at 360 degrees, while maintaining emphasis on the training, events and consultation. Later on, thanks to a strong growth , in 2013 we inaugurate Barproject Academy L.t.d. in Kenia. Since then the company remains focused on new trends and education of the mixed drink, proving and becoming on the market, a reality of the modern costumer.

Our team of experts focuses on its resources and qualified skills in order to respond efficiently to the needs of its customers. Our solid experience in the field allows us to offer the best service quality. With the utmost professionalism , we are able to satisfy promptly every request .Your satisfaction is our most important goal! We aim to be a reliable partner, willing to work with wide flexibility to build together your success.

Who are we?

Claudio Lepore
Director and Manager – Staff
Andrea Peconio
Trainer e Consultant – Staff
Nicola Battista
Trainer – Coffee Culture, Brewing
Gianluca Ingannamorte
Trainer – Ice & Fruit Carving
Alessio L'Abbate
Trainer – Coffee Culture, Brewing
Valentina Modugno
Head of administration – Staff
Vito Sportelli
Trainer – Bartending, Mixology, Craft Flair
Sabino Settanni
Assistant – Training and Events


Via Gentile 53/C – 70126 Bari

Claudio +39 328 650 40 88

Valentina +39 393 233 68 37

VAT: 07732650721