Coffee Culture

Aimed at those who want to take a training course in order to deepen both practically and theoretically their coffee culture. This journey will bring you across the plantations, passing through the roasting experience arriving so to the making of the perfect espresso and filter coffee . Providing you also with precious hints of Latte Art. We will discuss the coffee world without censure and discover many coffee-based drinks .

The training is organized by 2 trainers for a maximum of 4 students.

The topics covered are:

The course is addressed to:

  • students
  • unemployed
  • young entrepreneurs
  • enthusiasts
  • professionals
  • globetrotter

Course duration:

  • 3 days

Activities lenght:

  • from 10
    to 17

Upcoming dates scheduled:

  • 01-07-2019

    Coffee Culture


Flexible working hours per person

What we provide?

  • coffee culture handbook
  • t-shirt
  • photo book
  • international certificate
  • 5 free workshops for 1 year
  • opportunity to train at school
  • discounts for further baroproject courses
  • entry into employment

Avaible submissions: