Craft Flair & Advanced

Addressed to those who have reached a professional, practical and technical level behind a bar counter, this type of course, follows the new concept of doing FLAIR ( to shine behind the bar) with advanced techniques of launching –catching of flying bottles, associated to mixology techniques, juggling -shaking- flipping, bar tricks and sales strategies, making bartending even more spectacular.

The training is organized by 1 trainer and 2 assistants for a maximum 4 students.

The topics covered are:

The course is addressed to:

  • students
  • unemployed
  • young entrepreneurs
  • enthusiasts
  • professionals
  • globetrotter

Course duration:

  • 4 days

Activities lenght:

  • from 10
    to 17

Upcoming dates scheduled:

  • 17-06-2019

    Craft Flair & Advanced


Flexible working hours per person

What we provide?

  • Advanced & Evolution book
  • t-shirt
  • photo book
  • international certificate
  • opportunity to train at school
  • discounts for further baroproject courses
  • entry into employment

Avaible submissions: