Fruit & Ice carving

Aimed at those attracted by the art of cutting! As far as the Ice cult, according to the Japanese style this branch of knowledge is to be seen as aesthetic garnish and ingredient for a gourmet cocktail. On the other hand in Thai style, it will be used for fruit carving as a minimal garnish for custom-made cocktails. Therefore we will prepare sophisticated recipes with mixed alcoholic beverages in a glass, finalized to achieve visual codes, zest, neel, essential oils, and the look of a product that sells itself.

The training is organized by 1 trainer and 1 assistant for up to 4 students.

The topics covered are:

The course is addressed to:

  • students
  • unemployed
  • young entrepreneurs
  • enthusiasts
  • professionals
  • globetrotter

Course duration:

  • 2 days

Activities lenght:

  • from 10
    to 17

Upcoming dates scheduled:

  • 17-06-2019

    Fruit & Ice Carving


Flexible working hours per person

What we provide?

  • Carving handbook
  • photo book
  • international certificate
  • opportunity to train at school
  • discounts for further baroproject courses

Avaible submissions: