Aimed for those who work or want to work behind a counter, this course will give you necessary knowledge about the main hygiene and safety standards, rules and the application of HACCP, microbiology bases for storage and handling of food , as how to sanitize facility and equipment . The goal of the course: be able to safeguard the health of those who come into contact with food / drinks that will be worked or handled. (In accordance with C. E. Regulations No 852/04 - 853/04 - 78/02, and in accordance with Regulation Puglia n22 / 07) in cooperation with "Laboratory analysis Marcone srl regional position P 059"

The topics covered are:

The course is addressed to:

  • Workers
  • Food and beverage operators

Course duration:

  • 1 days

Activities lenght:

  • from 15.00
    to 19.00

Upcoming dates scheduled:

  • 14-06-2019


Flexible working hours per person

What we provide?

  • HACCP Certificate
  • Photo book

Avaible submissions: