Licence & Administration

The course enables the trade and administering of food and beverages (License/Permit for food and beverage serving). This license is a mandatory requirement for aspiring business owners who want to start or manage food type businesses that include selling and/or administration.
The qualifying certificate issued at the end of the course is necessary to open or take over existing businesses operating in the food sector or for the public administering of food and beverages.

The topics covered are:

The course is addressed to:

  • Young entrepreneurs
  • Professionals
  • Workers of the food and beverage sector

Course duration:

  • 10 days

Activities lenght:

  • from 16.00
    to 18.00

Upcoming dates scheduled:

  • 13-01-2017


10 giornate dedicate

What we provide?

  • Certificate
  • Discounts for further Barproject courses

Avaible submissions: